The Snub Club

The 26th Academy Awards (Part 3): The War of the Worlds

August 29, 2022

On this episode of The Snub Club, our crew looks to the sky to catch a glimpse of The War of the Worlds. Directed by Byron Haskins and starring Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, The War of the Worlds was nominated for three Academy Awards AND WON ONE! But since it was an award without competition it still counts for the podcast. In this episode, Danny, Sarah, and Caleb discuss alien invasions, post-war religion, and Oscar-worthy special effects.


Spoiler alert for NOPE...and The War of the Worlds I guess.


The Snub Club is a biweekly podcast about cinema history where we discuss the film from every year's Academy Awards with the most nominations but no wins. Hosted by Danny Vincent, Sarah Knauf, and Caleb Bunn!


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Theme music: That's All Right by Arthur Crudup

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